Sampling event

Taijiang national park oysters measurement 2022-2023

Latest version published by Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility (TaiBIF) on 13 December 2023 Taiwan Biodiversity Information Facility (TaiBIF)
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13 December 2023
CC-BY 4.0

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Mainly describing the 2022-2023 Taijiang National Park biomeasurement of oysters data, include weight, lenght, shell_volume etc.

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sampling event; Taijiang National Park; oyster; biomeasurement; Samplingevent


Li-Lian Liu
  • Originator
  • User
  • Point Of Contact
National Sun Yat-sen University
Ya-Fan Ho
  • Metadata Provider
Doctoral Candidate
National Sun Yat-sen University

Geographic Coverage

The surrounding waters of Taijiang National Park.

Bounding Coordinates South West [22.523, 119.872], North East [23.735, 120.542]

Project Data

No Description available

Title Integrated Taijiang Project in Data Management Plan and Sustainable Development of Ecotourism
Identifier MOST111-2621-M992-004
Funding National Science and Technology Council

The personnel involved in the project:

Li-Lian Liu

Sampling Methods

Living Specimen

Study Extent The surrounding waters of Taijiang National Park

Method step description:

  1. Different research units and organizations have different plans. Referring to the structures of De Montfort University, Edith Cowan University and the European Language Resources Association, it is mainly through confirming the scope of data, management plans and data types, and then setting files, and then Set data and data security and standards, carry out data concatenation and analysis, save, share and upload research data, and finally enable research data to be searched, analyzed and reused. In addition, the research framework collects and manages relevant data of the Taijiang Integrated Project DMP, which will be divided into ecological data and socio-economic data, which will be uploaded to the platform for openness.

Additional Metadata

Alternative Identifiers efadcbcc-c772-489d-9544-a571371a0687