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Survey of Plankton Diatoms in Nanren Lake

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This study surveyed the plankton diatoms in Nanren Lake, Kenting National Park, Pingtung County, Taiwan. A total of 29 species of 21 genera were identified, and most species belonged to the Eunotia and Nitzschia genera. However, Aulacoseira granulata and Discostella stelligera were the dominant species.

データ レコード

この sampling event リソース内のデータは、1 つまたは複数のデータ テーブルとして生物多様性データを共有するための標準化された形式であるダーウィン コア アーカイブ (DwC-A) として公開されています。 コア データ テーブルには、3 レコードが含まれています。

拡張データ テーブルは1 件存在しています。拡張レコードは、コアのレコードについての追加情報を提供するものです。 各拡張データ テーブル内のレコード数を以下に示します。

Event (コア)

この IPT はデータをアーカイブし、データ リポジトリとして機能します。データとリソースのメタデータは、 ダウンロード セクションからダウンロードできます。 バージョン テーブルから公開可能な他のバージョンを閲覧でき、リソースに加えられた変更を知ることができます。





Lee L (2019): Survey of Plankton Diatoms in Nanren Lake. v1.4. Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute. Dataset/Samplingevent.



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plankton;diatom;Nanren Lake


Li-hua Lee
  • メタデータ提供者
Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute
Li-Hua Lee
  • 最初のデータ採集者
  • 連絡先
Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute


Located in the Nanren Mountain Ecological Protection Area in the northeastern part of Kenting National Park, Nanren Lake comprises three permanent lakes: the Central Water Body, Independent Nanren Lake, and Yilan Lake (or Ancient Nanren Lake). The natural freshwater lake is formed of rainwater and spring water and is the largest static ecological water system in Nanren Lake.

座標(緯度経度) 南 西 [21.617, 119.707], 北 東 [25.602, 122.432]



Species Aulacoseira granulata, Brachysira vitrea, Burliganiella siolii, Cyclotella atomus, Cymbella novazeelandiana, Diploneis oblongella, Discostella stelligera, Encyonema gracile, Eunotia camelus, Eunotia rabenhorstii var. monodon, Eunotia subarcuatoides, Eunotia yberai, Frustulia rhomboides, Geissleria decussis, Gomphonema archaevibrio, Gyrosigma scalproides, Luticola goeppertiana, Navicula leptostriata, Navicula sp., Nitzschia alpina, Nitzschia nana, Nitzschia palea, Nitzschia subacicularis, Pinnularia brauniana, Pinnularia subgibba, Sellaphora pupula, Stauroneis anceps, Stenopterobia curvula, Surirella sp.


開始日 / 終了日 2018-01-01 / 2018-12-31



タイトル Survey of Plankton Diatoms in Nanren Lake
Study Area Description Located in the Nanren Mountain Ecological Protection Area in the northeastern part of Kenting National Park.
研究の意図、目的、背景など(デザイン) To explore the plankton diatom diversity in Nanren Lake, this study collected a water sample from Nanren Lake on January 18, 2018, for diatom species identification.


Li-Hua Lee
  • メタデータ提供者


Plankton diatoms collection was performed on January 18, 2018. The sampling sites were the Ancient Nanren Lake (St1), west side of the main lake (St2), and east side of the main lake (St3), as illustrated in Fig. 1. From each site, 500 mL of lake water was collected and transported to the laboratory for observation and species identification.

Study Extent Nanren Lake is located in the Nanren Mountain Ecological Protection Area in northeastern Kenting National Park on the east coast of the Hengchun Peninsula. The geographic position is 22°50’N and 120°50’E. The altitude of the nearby Nanren Mountain to the west of Nanren Lake is 479 m, categorized as low-altitude highland. The Central Water Body of Nanren Lake was originally paddy fields and wetlands. Local residents moved away because of the hardship of making a living there. In 1982, the only outlet of the water body, Hongtu Stream, became clogged, and water stagnated to form the current Nanren Lake. According to a survey conducted in 1990, the area of the lake at that time was 22.54 ha

Method step description:

  1. All the diatom fluids were first concentrated in a centrifugal machine for 10 minutes at 3,500 rpm; the fresh diatoms were then observed using a differential interference contrast microscope. Subsequently, acid washing was conducted using concentrated sulfuric acid, after which observation and identification processes were performed using an electron microscope.


コレクション名 Survey Data of Plankton Diatoms in the Nanren Lake
標本保存方法 Refrigerated


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