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14 November 2022
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根據2013年1月至9月於十八羅漢山自然保護區與鄰近地區四個樣區以六種取樣方法收集植食性昆蟲的結果顯示,此區域至少4目82科684種昆蟲,含鱗翅目27科498種,鞘翅目26科84種,半翅目21科80種,與直翅目8科22種。植食性昆蟲,其中以鱗翅目昆蟲居多,鞘翅目與半翅類昆蟲居次。在取食功能群方面,嚼食者、潛葉者與吸食汁液者為多,蛀食者較少。在所有已採獲並被鑑定植食性昆蟲中,台灣雕蛾為自發表後首次再度被採獲之物種,其存也與僅於台灣南部部份地區出現之山柚具有緊密的關聯。本年度已完成標本數位典藏後設資訊之格式設計與建置,以及網路社群之設立。此外對於此保護區之植食性昆蟲解說教育價值已進行評估,並進行摺頁文案之設計。 Based on a survey carried out from January to September, 2013, at least 684 insect species in 82 families and 4 orders (including 498 Lepidoptera species in 27 families, 84 Coleoptera species in 26 families, 80 Hemiptera species in 21 families, and 22 Orthoptera species in 8 families) were found at four sites of the Shihbaluohanshan Forest Reserve by six collecting methods. Among the herbivorous insects, the Lepidoptera occupies the majority and the Coleoptera and Orthoptera are second. Leaf chewers, leaf miners and sap suckers are the major feeding groups rather stem or root borers. Among all the species being identified, Sinicaepermenia taiwanella Heppner, 1990 was rediscovered since its first discovery in 1990s. The existence of this insect seems to correlate with the stand of Champereia manillana. Beside the establishments of metadata, webpage and facebook community for the collection, we also re-evaluated the education value of the herbivorous insects of this area and designed a leaflet for further education program.

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十八羅漢山自然保護區 Shihbaluohanshan Forest Reserve 昆蟲相 insect fauna 植食性昆蟲 herbivorous insects 雕蛾科 Epermeniidae 次生林 secondary forest 行政院農業委員會林務局 Forestry Bureau; COA; Occurrence; Occurrence


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十八羅漢山自然保護區位於高雄市六龜區荖濃溪西側,隸屬屏東林區管理處六龜工作站轄內旗山事業區第55 林班國有林地之一部份,其林地屬性為土砂捍止保安林;面積193.01 ha,東鄰荖濃溪谷西岸河階,西接竹頭山(海拔535 m),海拔高200-600 m。由旗山沿臺28 線接臺27 甲線往六龜7 km 處即可抵達。本區距離旗山區約25km,六龜區5 km,高雄約76 km。其間有6 座不能通行車輛之隧道。本區位於六龜區新興里與文武里境內,以4 號隧道側之溪溝為界。

Bounding Coordinates South West [22.948, 120.643], North East [22.948, 120.643]

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Start Date / End Date 2012-11-27 / 2013-12-31

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