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Reef Check in Taiwan 台灣珊瑚礁體檢

Latest version published by Taiwan Environmental Information Association on 23 May 2020 Taiwan Environmental Information Association

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台灣珊瑚礁體檢是一個由民間發起的珊瑚礁監測行動,自2009年起由台灣環境資訊協會主辦,運用國際珊瑚礁體檢標準招募並培訓潛水志工。透過在水下拉出100米等身穿越線,分四個樣區記錄9種指標性魚類、9種指標性無脊椎動物及10種底質組成等周邊海域的生態情形,期望透過此計劃建立台灣珊瑚礁生態長期監測資料。多年下來,「台灣珊瑚礁體檢」跑遍全台各地,包括:東北角、台東杉原、台東比西里岸、綠島、蘭嶼、小琉球及澎湖東嶼坪,我們記錄到莫拉克颱風如何破壞蘭嶼珊瑚礁、台東美麗灣飯店興建過程中當地珊瑚礁的逐漸衰退,見證長期監測資料累積的重要性。 Reef Check in Taiwan is a non-profit and non-governmental action for reef survey and marine conservation started by Taiwan Environmental Information Association since 2009. By using the worldwide scientific standard method, TEIA recruited and trained scuba divers to become the professional surveyors and transform its own under-water vision into the available scientific data. For the past ten years, Reef Check in Taiwan has collected data from all around Taiwan, including Northeast coast, Taitung, Green Island, Langyu, Little Liuqiu and Penghu. Reef Check surveys are conducted along with a 100m isobathic transect line that is divided into four 20m sections. The surveyors collect four types of data, including indicator fish, indicator invertebrates, substrate and impacts.

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Taiwan Environmental Information Association
Ying-Hsun Kao
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Geographic Coverage

Reef ecosystem around Taiwan area

Bounding Coordinates South West [16.575, 116.367], North East [29.306, 127.09]

Taxonomic Coverage

No Description available

Kingdom Animalia

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2008-05-24 / 2018-11-17

Sampling Methods

採用國際珊瑚礁基金會體檢方法,以「穿越線」(transect)調查法為基礎。每組編制包含科學指導員、佈線員、魚類、無脊椎動物及底質調查員。首先由佈線員下水打出浮力袋後拉出100公尺平行海岸的等深穿越線,其餘人員在浮力棒浮出水面後一同下水集結,依照科學指導員指示依序進行調查。原則上每一調查點須有淺(5米)、深(10米)兩個調查穿越線。 魚類及無脊椎的記錄方式為遵照國際通行的指標物種圖鑑,魚類共9種,無脊椎9種,而底質類別則也區分為10種。

Study Extent 台灣周圍海域珊瑚礁

Method step description:

  1. 每個潛點架設深淺兩條等深樣線,分成0-20m,25-45m,50-70m,75-95m四個樣區,分別記錄9種指標性魚類、9種指標性無脊椎動物、10種底質及珊瑚礁衝擊等資料

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Alternative Identifiers 63a81a32-3381-442a-9f79-11945c7e296f