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15 November 2022
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102年巒大事業區135-148林班蝙蝠群落四季調查,於巒大事業區140、142及143林班選擇5處進行。利用蝙蝠偵測器Anabat SD1或Anabat SD2記錄蝙蝠超音波,並將調查資料與物種種類超音波標準音頻比較以判斷蝙蝠物種。四季蝙蝠調查結果,共計調查範圍內記錄到10種蝙蝠(山家蝠(Pipistrellus montanus)、東亞摺翅蝠(Miniopterus schreibersii fuliginosus)、長趾鼠耳蝠(Myotis sp.2)、長尾鼠耳蝠(Myotis sp.3)、游離尾蝠(Tadarida insignis)、堀川氏棕蝠(Eptesicus serotinus horikawai)、絨山蝠(Nyctalus plancyi velutinus)、台灣大蹄鼻蝠(Rhinolophus formosae)、台灣小蹄鼻蝠(Rhinolophus monoceros)及管鼻蝠類群),以秋季及春季記錄物種數最多(5種),其次為夏季(4種),冬季記錄最少(0種)。另外,於範圍外增做調查,共記錄到4種(山家蝠、長趾鼠耳蝠、游離尾蝠及絨山蝠),皆是調查範圍內有記錄的物種。 Bat surveys using Anabat SD1 or SD2 were conducted at 5 sites in 140, 142, and 143 compartments of the Luanda Working Circle seasonally from 2013 fall to 2014 summer. Total 10 species were found, including Pipistrellus montanus、Miniopterus schreibersii fuliginosus、Myotis sp.2、Myotis sp.3、Tadarida insignis、Eptesicus serotinus horikawai、Nyctalus plancyi velutinus、Rhinolophus formosae、Rhinolophus monoceros and Murina spp.. Fall and spring had the most species recorded (5 species), followed by summer (4 species). No bats were recorded in winter. Another 5 sites outside the Danda Major Wildlife Habitat were also surveyed for comparison. Only 4 bat species (Pipistrellus montanus、Myotis sp.2、Tadarida insignis and Nyctalus plancyi velutinus) were recorded. These 4 species were all in the above 10 species.

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蝙蝠 蝙蝠偵測器 巒大事業區 郡大林道 頻譜圖 Bat Bat detector Luanda Working Circle Jyunda logging road Spectrum 行政院農業委員會林務局(Forestry Bureau; COA); Occurrence; Occurrence


良恭 林(Lin)
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Taichung City

Geographic Coverage


Bounding Coordinates South West [23.625, 120.875], North East [23.75, 121]

Taxonomic Coverage

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Class Mammalia (哺乳綱)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2013-03-10 / 2014-06-30

Project Data

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Title 102年丹大野生動物重要棲息環境-巒大事業區蝙蝠群落調查 Bat community survey of the Danda Major Wildlife Habitat of the Luanda Working Circle in 2013.

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良恭 林(Lin)
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Alternative Identifiers b5e26f14-c003-4c43-8e80-4287bbfb0cf1